December, 21st 2013
It has been quite a while since C64-Longplays.de has been updated. Originally I planned to discontinue the site for good and run the project entirely via YouTube and Archive.org - simply to get more freedom for the videos itself. Next to the longplay project, I started a videocast in the meantime. For almost a year I have been a founding member of the Pixelor project which I started with a couple of videocasters. Furthermore, I have been doing projects with a friendly Lets Player and Videocastler Oxx from Den Pixelspielern ("The Pixelplayers"). So to say, maintaining the longplayer site takes time which I prefer to spend on the actual videos.

The reason why I decided to continue running the site after some hesitation is partly because of YouTube themselves. I guess I'm not the only one who is stressed out by all the system changes and "improvements". Also I doubt it makes sense to make myself depended to a site where I have no influence on its design.

Otherwise, this longplay project has been around for almost 10 years. Actually, I have been the first one to create video solutions in a reasonably organized way and called these videos "longplays". I would not have thought it myself, but with this I coined a phrase for videogame solutions. I think I should not leave the project unmaintained.

So, keep on enjoying the longplays, and merry christmas. :)
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